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Love and Appreciation Colored Coupons

Love and Appreciation Colored Coupons

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Do you love the idea of gifting coupons to a loved one?  Now, these are not the normal coupon; these are Love and Appreciation Coupons,  all ready colored for you and gift to your loved one.  You can mix and match, or make multiples of the one coupon.  

Absolutely perfect for dads, moms, grandparents, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids etc!!

There are 11 pages,  32 coupons.  So, you may be wondering what are you getting for this great value?

  • Official Winner of any one argument
  • Good for one picnic, includes free food
  • One errand of your choice
  • One free load of laundry, includes wash, dry, and fold
  • Good for one chore of your choice, sparkling clean
  • Good for one free back rub
  • Redeemable for one free hug, no time limit
  • Redeemable for last slice of pizza
  • Good for one movie night
  • One free breakfast in bed, does not include cleanup
  • Redeemable for control of TV remote, expires after 24 hours of use
  • Good for one free car wash
  • One Free Yes Day, giver of coupon must say "yes" to anything the receiver of coupon requests (within reason)
  • Good for one serenade, coupon not valid for use in public
  • Redeemable for one pajama day
  • Good for one backyard camping night
  • Good for one candlelit dinner
  • Redeemable for one ice cream date
  • Good for being the little spoon tonight
  • One grocery shopping trip done by giver, does not include the act of putting away said groceries
  • Good for one hour of cuddling
  • Good for 1,000 kisses
  • Redeemable for one free wish
  • Good for one adventure
  • Good for one weekend getaway
  • Good for one night of stargazing
  • One day of being car DJ
  • Good for one day of no washing dishes, does not include drying and putting away
  • Redeemable for one nap with no interruptions
  • Good for one beach day
  • Redeemable for one night of dancing, not responsible for coupon giver's terrible moves
  • Good for one home cooked meal, coupon giver is not responsible for under-cooked food


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